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Hand Made Jewellery

Jane Rowena Jeweller MA

Jane Rowena is a jewellery maker and illustrator living in Devon. Jane was formally trained as a jeweller in the late 1980's at Southampton Art Collage, and then moved to Southsea and continued to study jewellery design and making at Portsmouth College of Art. An opportunity to work as a jobbing jeweller led to a move to Chichester, whilst studying at Sir John Cass College in Whitechapel, London, for an introduction to Pave setting. A move to Brighton to work as a jobbing jeweller in the Jewellery Lanes followed. After many years away from the trade, Jane has recently returned to the bench since studying for a masters in illustration at Falmouth University, which sparked an interest in the genre of narrative jewellery. ​


Jane's inspiration comes from the late 19th Century to mid 20th Century history with an interest in notable people from eras gone by. "I love seeking out antique fairs, as well as second hand shops for old jewellery to reuse the gemstones and beads in my own pieces. Reusing Bakelite and jet beads from Victorian and 1920's-1930's pieces give a unique feel, as well as using good quality components. It is a good feeling bringing back to life materials that have been loved and worn through generations. Decorative patterns and frequent use of line often appear in my work, as well as flora and fauna, fish motifs, seaweed and shells. I like the comfort of things, old books, decorative objects, anything with patterns and textures. I think it comes from my design background".     


Here are some of my Latest Designs

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